CRACKER | Financial Reporting

This book is prepared exclusively for the Final Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination requirement. It covers the entire revised, new syllabus as per ICAI. The Present Publication is the 5th Edition & Updated till 31st October 2021 for CA-Final | New Syllabus, authored by CA Parveen Sharma & CA Kapileshwar Bhalla, with the following noteworthy features: Strictly as per the New Syllabus of ICAI [Previous Exam Trend Analysis] from May 2018 Onwards for New Syllabus [Marks Distribution] Chapter/Topic-wise marks distribution [Comparison with Study Material] Chapter-wise comparison with ICAI Study Material Coverage of this book includes: All Past Exam Questions CA Final November 2021 (New Syllabus) – Guideline Answers CA Final January 2021 (New Syllabus) – Guideline Answers CA Final July 2021 (New Syllabus) – Guideline Answers CA Final December 2021 (New Syllabus) – Guideline Answers Selected Questions from RTPs and MTPs of ICAI [Arrangement of Question] Questions in each chapter are arranged ‘sub-topic’ wise based on Para No. of each Ind AS [Most Updated & Amended] This book is updated & amended as per the Companies (Ind AS) Amendment Rules 2020

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