Handbook of Company Law Procedures 2020 edition (Corporate Professional)

About the book handbook of Company Law procedures, is yet another innovative publication from the house of corporate professionals, aimed to provide complete understanding of various compliances under the Companies law. This book synthesizes all compliances required under the Companies law, securities law FEMA etc., related to various events at one place in a simplistic and easy to understandable format. This book reflects authors extensive hands-on practical experience, drawn from various Department of the organization, as professionals, consultants and practitioners in their respective fields to provide a complete insight of compliance management. The Handbook follows an innovative approach by presenting end to end compliance requirement for more than 150 events. Each procedure covers the following: 1) governing sections)/rules/regulations and forms 2) Important provisions and pre-requisites; 3) exhaustive step by step procedure including but not limited to a. Board/General meetings required with SS1 and SS2 compliances; B. Disclosures, advertisements and public announcements to be made under the Companies Act/SEBI regulations C. Web-site and stock exchange disclosures brD forms and documents filing e. Central government/NCLT/Rd/Roc/other Approvals brf post compliances etc.; 4) list of documents required for filing forms/making applications etc.; 5) craft Board and General meetings resolutions; 6) detailed action-wise time line; 7) ready Referencer containing useful information

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